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Want to write for us but don’t know where to start? Are you qualified to write for us at ThExtraordinariOnly? Writing for us is a worthwhile, intrepid, and integral part of our blog business plan because it’s a mettlesome and great way to network and inspire our resolute readers. Articles will be reviewed by at least two members of the staff, review editors, or editorial board. You will then receive our decision to publish as is, publish with revisions, or reject. Submissions should be sent in .doc or .docx files.

You article will be optimized to rank utmost the best position after an in-depth keyword research related to the content you want to publish. Your article will be shared to our well established social handles and large groups of sports community. We accept 1 in 30 pitches, and only a third of those get published. Guest contributors to Copyhackers enjoy the benefit of building their authority as well as great FB shares, tweets, backlinks, brand-development and signups to their lists. Do not forget to choose an image with a subject focus on the left side of the photo & Just make sure to check our blog before choosing an image to prevent any duplication.

Just write at least 50 headlines before you choose one. BTW, if you do not do this, we’ll know – only an uncreative person would write 50 variations of a headline and finish with a dud. Sign up to receive employee engagement and company culture articles by email. You are then expected to follow this format and style document to write and prepare your article. — We only accept papers submitted in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format. Build your site for free and take as long as you need.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Before you write your article, we request that you send us through a few topic ideas. The time we spend on formatting and promoting means that we will only publish articles on topics we have not covered, and our audiences will benefit from. That is, the MUST be valuable and actionable for our audience of business owners and HR managers who are keen to improve their culture and leadership.

Thank you, your article pitch has been successfully sent. Will go the extra mile for you to have an easy and enjoyable experience with Chanty. An admin fee of £45 must be paid within 1 week of publishing.

Set up some meeting times on your company calendar. Certainly, that’s a lot of weight to put on one website page, and it takes more than just one page to become a beloved brand . But, they do help, and they’re great because they let you put that story front and center. For yourself or others, we will either ask for such links to be removed or simply not publish the post. Because we understand the role you play in your customer’s journey. Because blogging or any online business success is not a one-hit wonder.

Our guest post guidelines outline what we are looking for so you can be sure your pitch hits the mark with our editing team. We are excited to hear your post ideas about the business and craft of freelance writing. All genuine blog posts get emailed to our loyal audience with links to you, your socials, and your website, hence a win-win effective link building technique for us all.

Please provide any royalty free materials which you think help support the article. Spelling and grammar should be checked before submitting to us. Ensure there is a learning, thought or action for the reader to take away at the end of your article. Use subheadings to help your reader understand the flow of your article at a glance. Articles should be 500 to 3,000 words in length.

As of Jan 2020, all Copyhackers posts are peer reviewed. All articles submitted to us will undergo a review period of up to 3 days. Once it has been approved, please allow us up to 3 more business days to publish your content. It increases your exposure to new audiences who may not have encountered you or your writing before. When you write interesting, engaging articles about topics relevant to them, they will follow your link and read more of your content.

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