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We’re interested in adding new voices to our existing group of writers. Ideally you would already have some writing experience and also be an ArtsHub reader, so that you know the kinds of articles we publish and the issues we’re interested in. A cursory look at our previous articles will save you the embarrassment of submitting an article to us that has already been covered by someone else. For this reason we encourage writers not to be too general with their topics and instead focus on something unique that they are experts on. In the world of SEO , link building is an important part of increasing the domain authority of your website.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect the views of SheSociety. SheSociety also adheres to a strict style guide therefore formatting of articles will be applied. If the article you submit is aligned with what we are seeking, we will take the next steps to securing you as a writer for The Big Smoke America. The work is currently unpaid, but could become paid over time.

Shout In Australia is in search of young and passionate writers and scribblers who can touch the mind of readers and take our platform to new heights. PeRFect Tennis started back in 2011 as a tennis news site. Since then it’s gone on to be one of the largest independently owned website for tennis news and a platform for fans to share their views on the game.

However, rest assured that your approved backlinks will be retained. Each contributor will be given a set of keywords and links that should be included in your article. These niches were chosen to help our shoppers make the most of their software. That said, we are looking for contributors who can ensure quality in their work.

Sign up to confirm your email address and to receive our submission guidelines in full. Links to gambling sites, coupon websites and essay writing services. Please note that we retain editorial control on any content submitted. By submitting content to us you confirm that you will not submit it to any other website and that all content submitted belongs to you. We reserve the right to evaluate and modify your work for grammatical mistakes, plagiarism, and other issues.

You can use royalty-free images in your submitted content. It is even recommended to use infographics in your blogs. Before pitching, please consider a keyword search to read what we’ve published on your topic. Make sure its unique, I don’t want a carbon copy from another blog or work you have published elsewhere. Get in touch with us and we can review what you have and maybe help you with a post on our dedicated lawyer blog. She Society is keen to welcome writers of all ages and interests in Australia.

Please also supply a link to your Facebook and Twitter profile if you would like these included. If you find a supporting chart, infographic, or video that you would like to include in your article, please cite them and include them upon submission. Please proofread and edit your article before submission. Articles with grammatical and spelling errors will be returned for revision. Inject your own personality, but ensure that articles are professional; not stuffy, overly formal or full of jargon. Don’t despair if your article doesn’t slot nicely into one of the above categories; we welcome articles about anything and everything marketing related.

Furthermore, you can add your beneficial information to our worthy webpage for a reasonable cost. Our website is a quick developing community with visitors looking for information about Australia and its different states. So every writer aspires to target an audience of that proportion and status.