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LambdaTest’s guest blogger program is for anyone who is passionate about the developer and testing space. We are a people-driven org, and community is our foundation. And who better to tell the stories from the trenches than experts like you.

Topic ideas that have been published already will not be shortlisted. Use the form to submit at least 3 topic ideas for review by our editorial team. Build your professional network by getting your articles published under your author profile. Get a dofollow link to your social media profile and website if any. The most important thing is that your guest post is helpful, informational, and delivers real value.

Thankfully, I had the Apress team to work with—without them it never would have happened. We normally expect pieces to be around 5- 8 minutes reading time. Shorter articles won’t be automatically rejected but we consider it harder to provide value in shorter pieces. We have rights to manage, edit, add, or remove material in case if someone reports or find copied content. We can also edit, add or remove anything in an article to make it SEO friendly and increase Readability. We can use your article for commercial or promotional purpose.

If you’re using a piece of code that’s not obvious, you’ll need to explain it in detail or as best as you can, so it’s easy for the reader to follow your train of thought. Before sending your article idea, please ensure that the article has not already been published. Please add a nice cover image that you have the rights to use or are Creative Commons. We might change images if the source isn’t clearly stated — as copyright infringement is a serious thing.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Your guest post has to be written for real readers who find real value in your content. We expect that authors have in-depth understanding of their subject and write content on his or her own simple words. We strictly follow copyright laws and hence, we do not accept any content which has been copied from other websites, books, or other copyright-protected resources. We use different tools to find out the duplicate content. The Apress editorial and production teams work hand-in-hand with all authors to ensure that their unique voices come through in each book.

It always encourages reciprocated writing and therefore the exchange of data about unknown and well-known terms. Once again thank you for showing interest in write for us. If you want to share your ideas about programming, then this is a golden chance for you can join our family lets make coding accessible for everyone. Please note however that the majority of articles are expected to contain example code illustrating the point being made. Similarly, ‘systems’ and ‘network administration’ oriented articles are generally inappropriate.

We have a very developer-friendly process for writing. Our audience is Ruby/Rails, PHP and Python developers. Though our audience does some front-end work, they skew towards back-end. We want to build long-term relationships with authors who care about their subject matter and their work. We ARE looking for experienced video tutorial creators.

We pay between $100 and $150 per article depending on the topic and reach. We’ve used plagiarism checker tool to ensure that the articles are unique and original. We’ll review your article and provide the feedback. Based on our feedback you may need to modify your article content and submit the final content. If we like your article or tutorial idea, we’ll reply you via mail to move forward. Send an email with your article or tutorial to You must mention the following.

Get to share your knowledge and expertise with over millions of tech users with our blog pages and email list. If backlinks are your priority, this website isn’t the right platform for your content. Fill your article with practical, valuable content. Don’t make your post long just to meet the requirements. You can increase your chances of getting approved as a guest author by following these simple rules and etiquette fundamentals. I love personal stories about how you launched your tech career, whether full-time, part-time, or freelance.

Suggest a topic you’d like to write about or get suggestions from us. A brief cover letter saying hello, and explaining the kind of things you’d like to write about. We pay $500 per article, usually within a week of you approving our final edits. You aren’t able to write independently, drawing from your own research and experience. If you think everything in your code is obvious, then ask yourself a question if it’s going to be just as obvious for a junior. And if not, explain every line of your code if need be.