How to Write the Best About Us Page 50 Examples and a Template


If you’re an ecommerce brand, you’ll want to point people toward your best visual content on TikTok or Instagram. If you’re a freelancer, a link to your LinkedIn profile could help build credibility with a potential client. Most companies have some sort of core values or principles. These are usually five or six points that guide your culture and business philosophy. These are often treated like something that’s pinned on the wall and forgotten, existing only because someone decided they needed to one day.


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The Coax template allows the typography and copy to take center stage. This text-centric approach highlights your personal accomplishments and sells your services. Consider laying out content like a resume with big subheads on the left and descriptive text on the right. On its about page, Yokel Local spotlights its clients, its story and mission, and the team behind the brand. This last element is key because Yokel Local knows that its vibe wins over prospective clients.

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There’s no shame in admitting how your business strategy — or even your way of thinking — has changed since you began. In fact, these evolutions can improve the story you tell to website visitors. One of the easiest ways to design and write your about us page is to get inspiration from about page examples. We can also assist you with promoting your material on social media if that is something you need. Build your site for free and take as long as you need. (That’s right, no trial here.) Just add a site plan for more pages, and a custom domain when you’re ready for the world.

These about us page templates create a compelling, customizable user experience. Even if you’re running a startup with a brief history, you’ll want to share your company’s progress. Talk about how you got to where you are today on your about page. No press releases, sales pitches, duplicate content, copyright images owned by someone else, and web pages are to be shared when sharing your article.

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But if you have a point of view and know why you’re doing what you do in service of your customers, you have enough to start with. You can expand upon what milestones you’ve crossed as you grow, improving your About Us page over time. Many ecommerce website builders will include an About Us page in your starter template. For example, Shopify’s Parallax theme provides an About Us page template you can copy and paste your story into. Keep in mind that writing your actual copy in the first person (e.g., I, we) will help build a more personal connection with your target audience. Your About Us page is about you, so don’t shy away from that.