Gifts for Writers: Your Ultimate Guide to Everything a Writer Could Want


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But such magazines can be pretty expensive sometimes, which is why a subscription to one makes a great gift! We’d suggest The New Yorker or The Atlantic, though do look around and see what sort of publication might interest your friend. If you’ve attended any of our conferences this year, you’ll have heard all of the publishers we’ve spoken to mention The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. Looking for Christmas gifts for writers you can make yourself? These origami bookmarks are beautiful, and all you need is a couple pieces of paper. A little known fact is that the Beatles hit “With a Little Help From My Friends” is actually about writers and their relationship with Grammarly.


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SELF’s editor-in-chief Rachel Wilkerson-Miller likes using these bright, colorful pens to make writing in her planner and journal more vibrant. These have fine tips that work for adding splashes of color to their compositions, but they are also versatile enough to use for filling in those adult coloring books. It features Henneke’s alter-ego, Henrietta, moving across vintage typewriter keys on one side, and a hand-written ritual on the other that’s designed to boost your creativity. Until the day such middlemen are no longer required, mugs will remain a fixture on every writer’s desk.

It made my life so easy, and then you can just tuck your fingers in when you need to warm up. Living in NC, I think that I might actually invest in some writing gloves since it is so chilly lately. I could not work, write, or function without a planner. I need to see each week laid out with tasks that I can check off as well as content ideas for the month matched with short and long-term goals. Did you ever notice that the more you read, the better you write?

What’s a voracious author without a signature look? This oversized wool half-zip is snuggly enough for cold-weather layering and gives a writerly, bookish vibe. When it comes to writing, reaching a flow state is key—and often quite difficult. A pair of top-rated noise-cancelling headphones like these from Bose can be used to block out distractions or pipe in calming beats. These connect through Bluetooth, so they won’t have to worry about unruly wires. This portability will come in handy when your writer friend needs to leave the house .

I’ll plop my monitor on my coffee table, put my keyboard and mouse on my lap desk and get to work. I also use it for my regular laptop a lot too. I like it so much I made sure to bring it with me on my recent cross country move.

Send us your link and preferred anchor text and we’ll create a suitable article for your client. Thanks for showing your interest in writing team covers the trending and interesting topics that can improve our reader’s daily lives. We focus on Gift ideas, unique gifts for loved ones, and unusual gift ideas, and more. If you know someone who loves nothing more than settling down with a good book and a hot cup of tea, a Bookishly subscription would be a welcome gift. A phone lockbox is the perfect gift for anyone who, when faced with writer’s block or impending deadlines, tends to pick up their phone and doomscroll on social media.

Here’s a waterproof notepad to ensure that their brilliant shower thoughts get written down upon ideation. Encourage self-care with a set of soothing bath salts and soaks scented with warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, and tonka bean. Add a Kindle to the mix, which is waterproof, so they can read while they rest. This pretty, space-saving roll-up has one large pocket and two smaller ones to stash and organize all of their chargers, pens, earbuds, and the like. It comes in seven jewel-tone color options, and you can add their monogram for a personalized touch.

International orders must be shipped to the cardholders address. Option 1 ) you can add to cart one by one and add recipients info ( address name and etc.. ) as a note each time . Check out the different subscription options here. MasterClass is an online platform where you can take courses taught by the world’s best in different fields, from acting to dancing to culinary arts to, yes, writing. Read our full review of Novlr here, and head to their website to learn more and pick up a subscription for a friend. As well as a writing interface, there is also a separate “Planning” section that allows you to capture your notes, character sketches, a synopsis, and more.