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About Spark CrossFit
Fun Workouts. Break Routine. Measureable Progress. Where Hard Work and Community Meet.
This is Spark CrossFit.
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Community is Everything

In the gym we encourage and push each other until the end. No one is left behind. And beyond the gym, we may share our recipes, drinks, and hang out outside the gym as well.

Our Classes are Awesome!

Classes are offered every day of the week from as early as 5am to as late as 8:30p. On Saturdays we offer morning classes featuring partner WODs. Nothing brings out maximum effort like our classes.

Continuous Improvement

We are always setting new goals. There is always something to be working on and always plateaus to break through. If there wasn’t, where would the motivation come from?

Come As Your Are

No fitness experience required. We’re all built differently, and we’re all in different stages of fitness, that’s why we have multiple levels of programs. The important thing is progress!

Fitness is multi-faceted

We run, lift, climb, carry and throw. First we focus on form and then we increase the intensity. We do it all with functional movements that we are built for in fun but challenging workouts.

Leave the Ego At Home

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Leave your leave your ego at the door, leave your judgements at home and sweat with a group of motivated, like-minded people.



Will Hurst
Owner/Head Coach/Head Janitor
Husband to Erin and Father to ZoĆ«, loves two things, fitness and community. “I wanted to build a place where I could foster the type of experience and lifestyle shift I had when I started CrossFit, that’s what Spark is.”

Will started CrossFit in 2011 after he moved to California from Phoenix, “I would spend most mornings surfing, and surfers weren’t the friendliest bunch so I wasn’t making many friends. After seeing a childhood friend post about CrossFit on social media I decided to give it a try, I didn’t realize I was going to build my entire social network out of that gym”. A couple years later, Will moved to a different part of California and decide to open his first box, Bear Flag CrossFit, in 2013.

Will comes from a background in sports, Baseball in the Summers, Hockey in the Winters through his childhood as well as varsity captain of his high school golf team and an accomplished track and field athlete he continued making sports and exercise a big part of his life into adulthood. ” I’m a total fitness nerd, I’m a big fan of efficient human movement.

CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, USAW Sport Performance Coach, USAW Club Coach

Erin Hurst
Erin has experienced a body and lifestyle transformation through fitness. “When Will and I first met I was 165 pounds, I had put on a lot of weight during college without even realizing it.” Erin began by doing a local bootcamp, lost nearly 30 pounds and then after their move to California she decided to train for her first figure competition.

To be successful in the bodybuilding world it takes a ton of dedication and discipline, Erin soaked up this knowledge and experience. She placed and trophied at her first competition and continued to have success in figure before switching to functional fitness. She brought with her much of the knowledge about dieting for both physique and performance. In her years since she has played a pivotal role in growing family gym businesses and has competed in several competitions.

CrossFit Level 1

Brandon Bailey
Brandon BaileyCoach
Ryan Mattson
Ryan MattsonCoach
Ryan has had success in making it to USAW Nationals in weightlifting and aspires to compete at the regional level in CrossFit. He can be found coaching many morning shifts and weightlifting classes.
Abby Murphy
Abby MurphyCoach
Coming Soon!
Alex Black
Alex BlackCoach
Alex is an experienced competitive crossfitter and one of our top athletes and coaches. He also enjoys Obstacle Racing and Olympic Weightlifting. His 2017 goal is to complete the Spartan Trifecta.
Krist Rouypirom
Krist RouypiromCoach
Coming Soon!
Tyler Loper
Tyler LoperCoach
Coming Soon!


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