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To submit your article, use the email address on that page to send it to the editor. From your author bio, you will have a backlink to your blog. When you write for us, you are writing for an audience of pet lovers. This means that your article should be well researched and provide valuable information to our readers.

Please take a look at the blog to get an understanding of the writing style and tone. The content may be about pets, horses, livestock, and animal welfare. Please send your submission, but write to our questions first and respond to them in your email. Backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors and acquiring good links can be a challenging task. We generally accept unique, plagiarism-free guest posts at affordable rates (USD 50 only per post, Payment method Paypal/UPI/GPay/Phonepe/Paytm). The price is negotiable and a discount is available if you can arrange a backlink to us with proper anchor text from a decent website .

PETOPPIA is an online pet blog and the best resource for pet care articles. We publish useful information and tips on how to care for your pets. We are now offering you the chance to share your very own pet stories and ideas with us through submitting a guest posts. Link Publishers is the best guest post marketplace today. The guest posting services that we offer are simply awesome!

Visit the Guest Post Submission page and fill the form here to submit your article. Perhaps you are a pet owner, a pet lover, or work in the field of content marketing or blogging. Many bloggers are still looking for websites that will accept free guest posts about dogs and animals. Are you looking for the best pet and animals guest posts websites?

First, build a relationship with the blogger as a pet owner. Before sending the article, make sure it has a proper layout complete with headings and images. You cannot submit someone else’s work as your own. We request that your content be Original, unique, and never published before. Pawsitively Pets |Submit A Guest Postis about all things animal, with care tips and product reviews. EntirelyPets | Guest Blogging Guidelinesis a blog for an online pet supply store, and covers all pets.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you are facing any issues with submitting content? If you wanna use royalty-free images, add the image credits and the link to that source. Our administrative team looks forward to assisting individuals with unanswered questions.

All you need to do is just register with us and that’s it. You will get a list of all the high-end pet blogs that accept your guest posts. So, you just have to select which website you want to post and you can buy guest posts from there easily.

By becoming a guest post writer you have the opportunity to help these people and grow the community through sharing of high quality content. And at the same time to promote your brand to the right audience. We welcome all kinds of pet guest posts on how to care your pets. However, we have very strict pet guest post guidelines for accepting articles as we want our readers to have the best content catered to their need. We want to ensure they get best quality and original article. Before writing your content, read blog articles and previous guest posts.

If you have any concerns about your dog’s health or behavior, contact a vet or a trainer. LittleDogTips is now accepting contributions from guest post writers. If you’re a dog blogger, representative for a dog-related company, or just like to write about dogs, you can submit a post with your byline. I’ve generated millions of search engine visitors for myself and my clients as a result of my guest blogging and content marketing efforts. If you are a pet expert and want to write for Petfather, an authoritative Indian pet website, then contact us.